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AfterDark. Black Modernize Linear Power Supply


Highlight of the AfterDark. Black Modernize Linear Power Supply:

  • AC Incoming: Schurter IEC, Japan Made EDK Switch
  • AC Noise Filter: UK RIFA RFI Suppression Caps & Noise Filter     
  • AC Transformer: Nuvotem Talema Encapsulated 25VA w/ Fast Acting Fuse Protection
  • High Speed Rectifier with RIFA 0.1uf Bypass Caps
  • Phillips BC 2200uf/25v x 4 Reservoir Caps, total of 8800uf !
  • Phillips 1% Precision Resistors
  • Panasonic FC 120uf, 390uf Decoupling Caps 
  • Mexico Made Inductors
  • Analog Device OP177 for Voltage Error Feedback Compensation
  • Toshiba Pass Power Transistor
  • Two Simultaneously Driven Voltage Output Jacks  
  • Mexico Made Multi-turns Variable Resistor for Fine Voltage Output Adjustment  
  • Voltage Rating: 5VDC/3.5A, 9VDC/2.5A, 12VDC/2A , 19VDC/1.5A, 24VDC/1A, Custom
  • Integrated Aluminium Heat-sink chassis, with 5mm thick (very) well designed front panel

The Heart of AfterDark. Black Modernize Linear Power Supply

The circuit design of LPS is referenced and improved of the well-known Walt Jung Super Reg. The performance is first in the class I must say. Output voltage stays VERY stable with 0.01VDC tolerance despite I'm driving it almost at full load. It only gets a bit warm after a 48hrs of stress test.


Optional Upgrade:

  • Furutech NCF IEC Socket for ultimate power contact performance
  • AfterDark. AudiophileMAT Carbon Fiber for EXTREME EMI Shielding
  • AfterDark. Project ClayX Progressive Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) Duelund DC power cable  


Goldmund 27EVO, Goldmund 29M, Goldmund 21D Mono DAC, Goldmund PH3 Phono, 
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